Here is a PDF download, New Member App.

Here is a PDF download, New Member App.

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Fill in the front of form, and read the back page. Bring the form to a Board Meeting, 1st Monday each month at 7:00 PM, JPG clubhouse.

Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club
Membership Application

Complete this form and present it, in person, at the next Board of Directors meeting. The Board meets the 1st Monday each month, at 7:00 pm, here at the club house. Regular Club Meetings are the second Thursday each winter month, 7:30 pm., and each Thursday during the summer.

City _______________________ State, Zip________________________
Email ______________________ Phone______________________
Are you a member of another M/C club or organization? Y / N If yes, List:

If approved, how do you want to support the Club? __________________________

What special skills, experience, or talents do you have?______________________

Do you own a motorcycle(s)? Y / N List:____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Are you an AMA Member? Y / N Number_______________________________

Are you interested in? Road rides_____ Trail rides_____ MX Events______
Flat track events_____ Marketing______ Management___ Documents_____
Internet, sales_______ Forum_________ Website host___ Apparel ________
Equipment__________ Buildings and Grounds___________ Publications_____
Do you drink beer, Bench race, or brag about how good you used to be?________

Good, I didn’t think that would be a problem.

Application amount and first years dues: $75.00 (record payment here) date:____________

Sponsored By:_________________________________________________________

Approved by Board ________ Approved by Club___________
Date_____________ Date____________

Founders of the Sturgis Rally: 1938

Back Page

The 1st year a Prospective Member will be classified as an Associate Member.

Section VI: Member Applications
NEW MEMBERS: Applications for membership presented in person to any board member with check and by-laws attached shall be presented at a regular Board Meeting, for consideration and action. The applicant must receive a unanimous vote of approval at the board meeting but the dissenting voter must support any dissenting vote. Applicants not receiving unanimous approval by the Board of Directors shall have their checks returned, but not the by-laws or the application form. If they submitted a completed AMA application form and check payable to AMA, then that will also be returned. Applicants receiving unanimous approval by the board shall be presented at the next regular club meeting, with the Board's stamp of approval, where it must receive a two-thirds vote of approval in the absence of the candidate. On club approval, the candidate will be presented with the copy of the by-laws and club welcome. The application form shall be retained on file with the secretary, and the check turned over to the treasurer. If they submitted a completed AMA application form and check payable to AMA, then it will be mailed to the AMA.
NEW (Prospective) club members dues will be $25.00, plus a one-time initiation fee of $50.00. Membership must be kept current or initiation fee will be accessed upon reinstatement in the club. New members will be awarded a club back patch at the beginning of the second year. The back patch is the property of the club and must be returned should the member choose not to continue membership in the club. Additional back patches may be purchased, but remain property of the club. Members living out of state or town are required to check in at rally headquarters during the rally to get their work assignments for the club. Prospective members must assist/work at six (6) events and/or workdays during the prospective period. It shall be the duty of the prospective member to assure participation on his or her part is duly recorded by the club, i.e. signing up for work details.
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