Barber Motorsports Facility, Birmingham (Leeds) AL

Barber Motorsports Facility, Birmingham (Leeds) AL

Postby President JP on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:23 pm

What a great place to visit, absolutly top noch motorcycle museum... and race ground that most golf courses would be envious of.
California Super Bike School by Kieth Code and crew did a great job instructing us "Level 1" riders on how to learn the skills needed to over come your survival reactions and safely improve lap times.
The BMW S 1000 RR was the perfect super bike for the job...solid, steady, predictable, and if you ever screwed up, it can react quicker than your brain can to help keep things predictable. One day was not enough track time for a complete novice to learn road racing, but I had a blast trying to keep up with the more experianced pilots. Those BMWs at 190+ HP will make you feel like flying.
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