I want to be a Member, but can not work!

I want to be a Member, but can not work!

Postby President JP on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:11 pm

I recently sat in on a “therapy” session at the VFW in Deadwood. A prominent, lifetime Jackpine Gypsy Member, express his feelings about our club’s work requirements. He stated this work requirement prevented many interested riders from becoming full members. His interpretation of “working an event” was standing there for 4 hours flagging, or coming out during a work day and using a shovel for 6 or 8 hours in 98 degree heat.
I agree 100%, that these are tough jobs. We have dedicated members that are willing, able and comfortable in working jobs like this. A few more able bodies are always welcome for these tough jobs, but this is not an across the board requirement for all members.

There are dozens of “jobs” that the club recognizes as important functions.
For example:
• Help sell some t shirts. Design new products.
• Taking money at the pit gate is a sit down job that only takes an hour or two before the race.
• Come out the day after and pick up some trash.
• Clean the club house. Make a file, sort some old paperwork.
• Rework some old trophies, make some awards.
• Be part of a "call tree" to be sure people who signed up are coming to the event.
• Be a market person that calls on supporters for a program add.
• Get programs printed
• Write a news letter, interview some racers, create some personal interest stories for programs.
• Help sell tickets at the gate, this is only a two hour job, once the races start, it can be managed by just one person.
• Sign up is a couple hours before a race, then they are done. It’s a sit down job, some of the time.
• Train people on how to work with a money accounting system.
• Over see the accounting. Set up the ticket bags, and collect the bags, tickets and money.
• Lap counter could work from the deck off the club house.
• Help organize a ride, road ride, trail ride. Cook some burgers, find some door prizes and sponsors. Set up the entertainment for the event.
• Today, electronic communications are vital. There are several positions available in this area.

The challenge, as I see it, is finding positions for folks who want to participate. Everyone can contribute something. Everyone has an area of expertise, and a comfort zone with which they will enjoy working. The purpose of our club is to promote these opportunities, to provide a purpose for the beneficial relationship of promoting events that motorcyclist enjoy, and members enjoy participating in and working for.
The club is here to promote the enjoyment of motorcycling. This group effort makes it larger than any single person. It is this group focus that makes an organization work. It is my determination to keep the “enjoyment” side of the equation as a key ingredient in the recipe. Call me, email me, stop me anytime and let me know how you would like to help.

Thanks for making a difference.

Jim Paisley
President, Jackpine Gypsies M/C
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